Products offered by Armstrong Filtration

Armstrong Filtration is a certified partner of the DC PACE program. The DC Property Assessed Clean Energy (DC PACE) commercial finance program provides 100% upfront financing for building upgrades. PACE allows property owners to repay the cost of energy projects over time through a special assessment on their building. DC PACE can cover hard and soft project costs, and because energy savings exceed the cost of debt, these projects also immediately improve cash-flows. DC PACE is the city's only dedicated financing tool for investing in clean energy and deep energy efficiency projects. It is privately administered by the firm Urban Ingenuity, under contract with DOEE.

We carry many products including bag filters, basket strainers, centrifugal separators, and automatic backwashing filter systems. Additionally, as a systems integrator we can provide complete skid packages including Ultra Violet (UV) sterilization, pumps, and instrumentation. 

Rydall MP - Medium duty, multi-purpose surface degreaser/cleaner removes oils, grease, grime, and dirt from all kinds of surfaces.
Rydall DD - Heavy duty industrial degreaser used for the removal of hydrocarbon deposits fouling on heat exchangers, lube oil coolers, crank cases, machine parts, and many other hydrocarbon-based fouled equipment.
Rydall CC - Coil cleaner designed to clean the toughest dirt, greases, and soil residues from air-exposed surfaces of critical cooling or heating equipment.
Rydall OE Biocatalyst eliminates odors; H2.5, ammonia, mercatpan, and skatole.
Rydall WO Biocatalyst reduces COD, BOD, FOG, TDS, TSS, and Algae


Automatic 0.45 Micron Multi Media Filters   
Non-Corrosive 150 psi FRP Vessels
Anti-Microbial Media Kills Bacteria
Cooling Towers, Closed Loops, PRE RO, SDI Reduction, Waste Water Reuse/Recycle 

Non-Toxic Biodegradable Liquid Descaler/Desolver Since 1942
Removes Hard Water Scale, Rust Scale, and Mud
Non-Hazardous and Approved by USDA, FDA and U.S. Navy
Used on Heat Exchanges, Cooling Towers, Condensers, Chillers, Water-Cooled Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Mold Machines, Valves, and Parts
Contract Cleaning Services

Antimicrobial Media
Kills Bacteria
Reduces Chiller Electricity Used
Increases COC

Noncorrosive 150 psi Housings
Water Softeners
Water Filters
Reverse Osmosis
Skids Built

Low Pressure UV

Medium Pressure UV
Point of Entry

Point of Use

Airside UV

Standard Bag Filters
Down to 0.5 Micron

Yarn Wound
Resin Bonded
Antimicrobial Yarn
Pleated Filters

Patented Cold Plasma Technology
Reduce NOx/SOx/CO2 From Exhaust
Can Meet EPA Rules Through 2044
Parasitic Power is 50% SCR
Bio-Mimicry Process Also Increases O2

Zero Emission Mode

Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers
10 to 15,000 GPM
Screens Down to 15 Micron
Single Units 2"-16" (Flanged)
Pressures to 250 psi at 203 degrees Fahrenheit
Reclaim Units For Zero Discharge
ASME Code Available
Sea Water, Corrosive, and Oil Resistant Units
Continuous Casters
Cold Rolling
Cooling Towers
River Water
Quench Water
Paper Mill Shower Line

Centifugal Separators
3/8" Particles Down to 40 Microns
Process Water
River Water
Waste Streams
Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Strainers
LAKOS Sand Filters

Corrosion Analysis of Piping Systems

Environmentally Safe Green Products
Liquid/Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors
Soy-Based Cleaners
Concrete/Rebar Protection
Migrating Ionic Inhibiting Action

Alternate Cheaper Source of Electrical Power Supply To Your Facility

Long Term Energy/Water Savings